What is the Full Form of SOS

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What is the Full Form of SOS

What is the Full Form of SOS

What is the Full Form of SOS

Full form of SOS :-

  1. Si Opus Sit (in English:- If need be)
  2. Save our Souls
  3. Save our Ship

SOS is a Morse code. A lot of people think about SOS, like Si Opus Sit means “If need be” , Save our Souls and Save our Ship.

What is the SOS

SOS is a Morse code.  It came into effect on July 1, 1908. SOS originated on 1 April 1905 in the German government’s maritime radio regulations. SOS became a common way to remember the order of dots and dashes. It was introduced for emergency marine radio communications using Morse code. SOS is written with an over score line. it is transmitted as an unbroken sequence of three dashes with three dots, no spaces between letters.

It has been used as a visual distress signal, with three short, three long, three short flashes of light. SOS has informally entered general use to indicate a crisis or need for action.


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