What is the Full Form of REST

What is the Full Form of REST
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What is the Full Form of REST

Full Form of REST is Representational state transfer. REST is design to take advantage of the protocol. “Web resources” were previously define as documents or files identified by their URL on the World Wide Web.

What is REST

REST is a software architectural style, which defines a set of constraints using to create web services. The response may confirm that something has been manipulated in the stored resource. The response may provide hypertext links to other related resources or collections of resources. It is a network of web resources, where the user moves through the application by selecting resource identifiers. URLs with parameters within the query string conform themselves to REST.

  • Works on the client-server constraint concept
  • Client and server must be separate from each other
  • Allowed to grow individually and independently.

The rest of the APIs are stateless because a stateless API can handle overhead requests by handling large loads of incoming and outbound calls. Each application state representation contains links that are next used by the client to initiate new state-changes.

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