What is the Full Form of MD

MD stands for (Full Form of MD) Doctor of Medicine. The word is originally derived from the Latin word “Medicinae doctor”. Medicinae Doctor means “Teacher of Medicine”

What is MD?

MD is the highest academic degree in medicine. MBBS degrees are earned for achieving specialization in the field of medicine and surgery. MD is a research doctorate, higher doctorate or applying clinical degree that is restricted only to those holding a professional degree in medicine. MD is a postgraduate degree in the medical field, after MBBS.

Difference between MD and MS.  

MD means:- MD is the highest academic degree in medicine. This Word Belong From the Latin word “Medicinae doctor” that means “Teacher of Doctor”

MS Means:- MS is a postgraduate degree course in the field of surgery. This postgraduate degree course is offered to students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree in medicine. MS is for some areas where surgical expertise and skills.

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