UPS ka Full Form Kya hai? What is UPS?

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UPS ka Full Form Kya hai? What is UPS?

UPS ka Full Form Kya hai What is UPS

UPS ka Full Form Kya hai What is UPS

Dear Students, Today We will discuss about UPS. In this discussion we will know about what is UPS and UPS Full form, Use of UPS. Please read our article to get the full information.

What is UPS?

Today we will discuss all the information related to UPS like Where is the use of UPS? What is UPS? Which you should read and understand carefully.

UPS’s Full form: – Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS is a machine that is used to run our computer when the electric current is cut.


Where is the use of UPS?

UPS is used mostly when running Computer. We know that computer has two types.

Types of Computer 

Desktop Computer:- A computer that we work on by putting on the table. That’s called desktop computer.

Laptop Computer :- A computer that can be taken in the lap and can be worked anywhere by keeping it anywhere. That’s called Laptop Computer.

Just the difference between Laptop Computer and Desktop Computer. The Laptop Computer has an Internal Battery. Desktop computer does not have an internal battery. We use UPS in Desktop Computer only . When the light goes away, the Desktop Computer immediately closes. And you do not get the chance to save the file. That is why more users use UPS with Desktop Computer. The work of UPS is done to run the computer after light is cut. Our computer is connected to the UPS. So our computer does not stop quickly. It can run Computer for almost 1 hour. Therefore it is used mostly to run Computer. It is also used in bulb burning.

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