SOAP Full Form What is the Full Form of SOAP

What is the Full Form of SOAP

What is the Full Form of SOAP

What is the Full Form of SOAP

Full Form of SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol for the exchange of information between computers. SOAP was designed as an object-access protocol in 1998 by Mohsen Al-Ghosein, Don Box, Dave Winer, and Bob Atkinson for Microsoft

XML stands for (Full Form of XML) :-  Extensible Markup Language. It is a textual data format with strong support via Unicode for various human languages. The main function of XML is to control the data.


What is the SOAP

The implementation of web services in SOAP computer networks is a message-sending protocol specification for the exchange of structured information. This objective is to provide neutrality, comprehensiveness and complete independence.

Usage of SOAP 

  • Expand HTTP for XML messaging.
  • Exchange complete documents or call a remote process.
  • It is an application to easily connect to remote services and implement remote methods
  • Communication protocol designed to communicate via the Internet
  • Data transport for Web services.

SOAP allows customers to implement web services and receive responses independent of language and platforms. Most people know this as the default protocol for web services.

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