What is the Full Form of IMDb

What is the Full Form of IMDb
What is the Full Form of IMDb

Meaning of IMDb (Full Form of IMDb) :- Internet Movie Database. IMDb is online information related to movies, television programs, home videos, video games and streaming content – including cast, plot summaries, trivia, and ratings.

What is IMDb?

Content of Internet Movie Database :- 

Copyright and error issues:- The collection of content becomes the exclusive property of IMDb, with full authority to copy, modify and create it, and to verify it before posting. The Credit is not given to volunteers on specific titles or filmography pages who have provided information.


Film titles:- IMDb has English as well as fully or partially translated versions in other languages like Romanian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish ). All non-English language sites display the titles of all the films in the specified language.


Data format:- IMDb does not provide an API for automated queries. A Java-based graphical user interface (GUI) application is also available that is capable of processing compressed plain text files, allowing a search and display of information

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