ETL Full Form What is the Full Form of ETL

What is the Full Form of ETL
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What is the Full Form of ETL

Full Form of ETL is Extract, Transform, Load. ETL has three database functions. The ETL system typically integrates data from multiple applications and it is usually develop and supportable by different vendors or hosted on different computer hardware.

What is ETL

Rejected data are report back to the source system for further analysis to identify and correct inaccurate records.

Definitions of all Three Words: Extract, Transform and Load. 

Extracts :- Extracts  are the process of reading data from a database. In this phase, data is collected from many and different types of sources.

Three data extraction methods:
1. Full extraction
2. Partial extraction – without update notification.
3. Partial extraction – with update notification

Transform :- Transform is the process of converting the extracted data from its previous form to the form in which it should be placed in another database.

Load :- Load  is the process of writing data to a target database.

Loading Type:
1. Initial load
2. Incremental Weight
3. Full Refresh

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