EAD Full Form What is the Full Form of EAD

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What is the Full Form of EAD

What is the Full Form of EAD

What is the Full Form of EAD

EAD stands for (Full Form of EAD) Employment Authorization Document. EAD is a document issued by USCIS. EAD allows people who already hold US visas to work legally in the US.

What is EAD?

The USCIS provides temporary employment authorization to non-citizens in the United States. This document should not be confused with the green card. EAD cards are valid for 1-2 years and will require renewal. Pending EAD application does not allow to work, so people with pending EAD application cannot work in USA.

The card contains some basic information like

  1. Registration number
  2. Card Number
  3. Photo
  4. Name
  5. Birth Date
  6. Sex
  7. Category
  8. Country of Birth
  9. Restrictive Terms and Conditions
  10. Dates of Validity.


USCIS will issue the following categories of employment authorization documents:

Renewal Employment Authority Document:  The renewal process takes the same time as the application for the first time. Non-citizens may have to plan ahead. The request a renewal 3 to 4 months before the expiration date.

Replacement Employment Authorization Document:  Replaces a lost, stolen or mutilated EAD.


Eligibility and Qualifying 

  • Citizens or citizens of countries falling in certain categories
  • F-1 status
  • Foreign students with active
  • M-1 status
  • Travel visa holders
  • Limits may apply
  • Other eligible categories

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