DP Full Form What is the Full Form of DP

What is the Full Form of DP
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What is the Full Form of DP

The Full form of DP is Display Picture and Data Processing. We will tell us about both of them.  Display Picture :- In social media, a display picture is also known as a profile picture. Data Processing:- Collection and manipulation of data objects

What is DP

In the context of social media like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram etc. DP means display picture. DP is a word on social media, which refers to a picture that is upload on your social media profile. Before the term DP became popular, the social media platform’s profile photo was called Profile Picture.  DP, although now the profile picture used everywhere is called, but it is for some Famous Platform and due to these it has been recognize.

Other meaning of DP is Data Processing.

Data processing is a technique that uses computer software to organize and manipulate data. Data processing is typically the collection and manipulation of data objects to produce meaningful information.

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