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ATM full form What is ATM?



ATM full form What is ATM?

ATM full form What is ATM

ATM full form What is ATM

Dear Students, Today We will discuss about ATM. In this discussion we will know about what is ATM’s and ATM Full form, and Why is ATM used?  What is ATM’s work? Please read our article to get the full information.

What is ATM?

Today we will discuss all the information related to ATM Like What are the benefits of using ATM’s? What is ATM’s work? Please read this post for complete information.

We often use ATM. It is common for our life but do not know much about ATM.  ATM’s Full Form is “Automatic Teller Machine” There are 22 nationalized banks in India and other private banks also have ATM’s machines in almost all banks.  It is almost imposed in all banks.

Uses of ATM :-

  • ATM is used exclusively for withdrawing money.
  • Money deposited by ATM can be withdrawn and how much balance is left and balance information can be obtained in a slip.
  • Mobile Number can be registered through ATM and massage alerts will be received.
  • Money can be transferred to someone else’s account.
  • Bill of any public or private organization or work can be paid.
  • Shopping and shopping and fees can be deposited.
  • Money can be deposited by ATM, and Balance can be obtained with slip.

For study material. Please visit the link below.

Time and Distance PDF

Area and perimeter PDF 

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