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ICU full form What is ICU?



ICU full form What is ICU?

ICU full form What is ICU

ICU full form What is ICU

Dear Students, Today We will discuss about ICU. In this discussion we will know about what is ICU and ICU full form etc.  Please read our article to get the full information.

What is ICU?

Today we will discuss all the information related to ICU like what is ICU and more. Please read our article carefully for all related information.


ICU’s Full Form –  Incentive Care Unit. If a patient’s condition worsens, then he is admitted to ICU. If a patient’s condition is serious, then he is admitted to ICU. It is not normal for the patient to be admitted to the ICU. Any person is admitted in ICU only when his condition is very fragile or the probability of survival is very low.

ICU is the hospital’s department where Advanced machines and equipment are available, with the help of which the best efforts are made to save the person.

Reason for the patient being admitted to the ICU

  • When a person has a big heart attack.
  • The patient’s liver stopped working.
  • Blood pressure has become too low.
  • There is a serious accident or no breath.
  • The patient has failed the kidneys.
  • When a person is having a lot of trouble breathing and his body is not working.
  • The patient has reached coma.

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